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已发送,请接收。 另,如不满意,请在射手网找一下,好几个版本。

Higgins is asked by the morally-responsible Pickering if he will take advantage of Eliza under the circumstances: "I hope it's clearly understood that no advantage is to be taken of her position...This is no trifling matter. Ar...

rofessor Henry Higgins: Now, try it again. 希金斯教授:现在再试一遍。 Eliza Doolittle:The rine in spine sties minely in the pline. 杜利特尔:西伯牙的月主要下在砰原上。 Professor Henry Higgins: The rain in Spain stays mainly in ...

Professor Higgins的话。 “Why can't a women be more like a man?" 以下是原词 "A Hymn to Him" lyrics HIGGINS What in all of heaven could've promted her to go, After such a triumph as the ball? What could've depressed her; What cou...

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