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my AnimAl FriEnD怎么写

I have an animal friend.It's a dog.He has white hair,black eyes and four short legs.My friends all think him very clever and beautiful.I love him very much.I often take it out to play.I want to make friends with him all the ti...

my animal friend 我的动物朋友。 Dog is my best friend when I am alone. 狗狗是我孤单时最好的朋友。



My favourite animal is dog.The dogs are very lovely.When I live lonely ,the dogs often help me to relax myself.Among all the dogs ,I like white dogs best.I also have my own dog.I often play with it.I like it very much.

I have a dog whose name is Mike ,i always hang out with him.His favorate toy is a ball,so I bought many balls for him.Usually,we go to the Central Park to have fun .Last week,we were playing with the balls when we met a beautif...


i have a friend.

I have a dog.I think it is my best friend.I like it very much. When I go to school,It will go with me,which makes me happy.When I was tired or sad,it always was with me.   

My animal friend I have a good friend.It is a white cat.It is very cute.I and it is good friend. ‍‍

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