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match sth

match sth. with sth. 把...与...搭配起来 Match the pictures with the letters.把图片与字母搭配起来

match的短语有: A match B A与B很配 match A with B 使 A与B相配 变成被动:A be matched with B 注意,有介词with 所以16题不用被动~

有take sb to do sth 但是这里是take sb to some place, MATCH 也有名次,比赛的意思 the match 可以意思是比赛场地

to match something with something 用某物与某物匹配 例句 Trade happens so long as companies can manage to match something unique in China with something unique of their own.


match with与谁匹配 match sth against/ 与某物配合对付什么什么

there is something wrong with my tv,so...的中文翻译 there is something wrong with my tv,so i can not watch the match 我的电视机有毛病了,所以我看不到比赛了


they’re going to have a volleyball match.(举行比赛) Are we going to ...I have a long talk with the teacher. 4.have on sth.或have sth. on,...

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