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ax loss carryforward(税损移后扣减或税损结转):企业本年度的亏损可以由以后几年的收益抵消,从而减少以后几年的应纳税额。 与之相对照的是tax loss carryback税损移前扣减,税损退算。指企业本年度的亏损可以由前几年的收益抵消。因而在前几年...


carry back (deduct a loss or an unused credit from taxable income for a prior period) carry forward (transfer from one time period to the next)

Fun. - Carry On Well I woke up to the sound of silence 我意识到寂静对我是如此重要 The cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight 但当汽车如同小刀般划破了那片寂静时 And I found you with a bottle of wine 我却发现你手握酒瓶,倒...

don't look back,just carry on! 不回头,继续! 好的 ok

carry on till tomorrow in younger days, i told myself my life would be my own and i'd leave the place where sunshine never shone for my life's too short for waiting when i see the rising sun then i know again that i must carry ...

他帮我退回来了(具体什么东西联系前后文) 设计好商标后请发给我CAD设计图我核对一下。 can't not 应该是 can not 吧? 鞋头上不能太硬,必须跟新样一样

我希望你回心转意,继续饭店,远离这空虚的蓝夜。附近的的精子供应 = =是这样吗= =

The river is flowing 芝加哥儿童合唱团与印第安女孩M.KIA

第一道选B。题意是“我记起来我把书落在我车里了,你可以帮我带回来吗?”take是带过去,bring是带过来,带到说话者这边来,carry用于重物,运的意思,get是得到,获得的意思。带回来用bring it back 第二题选B。题意是“你知道他的地址吗?他告诉...

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