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给他们客服发个邮件吧,我发了,这是给我的回复 Dear member, Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about this matter. Some governments or ISPs may limit access to certain websites for various r...

与其它交友网站无异,大部分是外籍人士,一样有真正跟你一样想找寻另一半的优质男,也有鱼龙混杂的渣男 谨防上当就是,也不轻易见面。幸运的是我和我现在的老公也是在那里认识的,交往四年,今年结婚,明年准备搬家到国外。希望找到你的好好先生


making friends. A website to help you to find the right men or women. To find your true love. Or something like that. Like Lonely Hearts.

chinalovecupid的意思是:中国爱之丘比特 详细解释:这是一家帮助在中国和海外的华人找到终身伴侣的专业婚恋交友网站 其中: China:中国 love:爱 cupid:丘比特,西方神话中的爱神。


歌曲名:To China With Love 歌手:Mando Diao 专辑:Bring Em In to China with love ar-mando diao al-Bring Em IN Get on the train cause I'm tired of you, boy You can come back when you're dressed in blue You won't get a penny of usin...

歌曲名:China Love 歌手:Janet Jackson 专辑:All For You Janet Jackson - China love The Energy I see The Slience that you speak The lust within my dreams And what it says to me This full heart of mine You just can't empty So come ...

中国爱之丘比特, 是一家帮助在中国和海外的华人找到终身伴侣的专业婚恋交友网站 国内有的就不少了,呵呵,这是一个平台,人很多的平台

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