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be accepted by 被...所认可/接受 be accept to do sth:接受去做某事

be accepted by 被...所认可/接受

当然是:be accepted. 例句:However, people familiar with the negotiations said the offer was unlikely to be accepted. 不过,熟悉谈判情况的人士称,这一提议不太可能被接受...

· 1. People who cannot accept criticism from others can not be successful at working in a group. According to this problem, I want to point out that different situations lead to different outcomes. Let me separate this problem ...

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If I can be accepted, I will....

parcel to be left at the premises if no one is available to accept it 翻译为 :包裹是在离开的前提如果没有人可以接受它 【附】 parcel 英[ˈpɑ:sl] 美[ˈpɑ:rsl] n. 包袱,包裹; (土地的) 一块; 一批,一群; (货物的) 一宗; v...


似乎应该 分开: Your account will be expired on September 20, 2010. 您的帐户将于2010年9月20日到期。 Accept credit cards. 接受信用卡。


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