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be accepted by 被...所认可/接受 be accept to do sth:接受去做某事

be accepted by 被...所认可/接受

accept 英 [əkˈsɛpt] 美 [ækˈsɛpt; əkˈsɛpt] vi. 承认;同意;承兑 vt. 接受;承认;承担;承兑;容纳 accept order 接受订货 ; 接价盘 accept battle 应战 ; 迎战 accept statement 接收语句 ; ...

当然是:be accepted. 例句:However, people familiar with the negotiations said the offer was unlikely to be accepted. 不过,熟悉谈判情况的人士称,这一提议不太可能被接受...

· 1. People who cannot accept criticism from others can not be successful at working in a group. According to this problem, I want to point out that different situations lead to different outcomes. Let me separate this problem ...

被录取是用be admitted,第一句中之所以用accepted,意思是6岁以下的不予接受,是接受的意思,不是录龋

可以(被)接受,accept 被动语态,can be accepted=sb can accept sth

1、所有单据需要一次性寄出,邮寄地址:............ 2、请提供一份额外的商业发票副本,并将所有单据寄给我方以供存档。 3、每个含不符点的单证...

is mush shoneer than you should be prepared to accept中间的shoneer好像拼写错了大概意思就是事实比你准备接受的还要困难吧

acceptance n. 接受, 接纳, , 意, 赞, 容忍, [] 兑, 付, (程)验 Within two days I received a letter of acceptance from the manager. 不到两天我就收到经理写来的录取信 The proposal was met with general acceptance. 这建议得到普遍的赞同...

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