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An hour AnD hAlF

它们的意思是一样的,美式英语里面多用half an hour,英式英语里面多用a half hour\x0d半个小时的说法有:half an hour,a half hour,half of an hour(前两种用得多些) 一个半小时的表达应该是:one hour and a half. 例:半小时:half an hour/a...

错误:one and half an hour 正确:one and a half hours/ one hour and a half/ an hour and a half

正确的这样说 two and a half hours



four and a half hour 四个半小时 As well as the wealth of local species surrounding the Quinta, there are four areas within an hour and a half's car journey which are ideal for Birdwatching. 以及围绕金塔当地物种丰富,有四个领域...

1.改为:two and a half hours(即2) 3.改为:an hour and a half

half an hour 指半小时,不能加;half hours指半小时半小时的.还有是这样的如two and a half hours much time did you finish your homework? (it‘s about) half an hour 2. how long have you been here waitting for me? half an hour

half an hour英[hɑ:f æn ˈauə] 美[hæf ən aʊr] [释义]半小时; [网络]半个小时; [例句]Instead of using the money to pay his rent, he went to a betting shop and lost the lot in half an hour. 他没有拿钱去...

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