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An hour AnD hAlF

它们的意思是一样的,美式英语里面多用half an hour,英式英语里面多用a half hour\x0d半个小时的说法有:half an hour,a half hour,half of an hour(前两种用得多些) 一个半小时的表达应该是:one hour and a half. 例:半小时:half an hour/a...

错误:one and half an hour 正确:one and a half hours/ one hour and a half/ an hour and a half

9. The driver___ the traffic light, and as a result, he ran into another car.10. After an hour’s train ride and half an hour’s walk,we eve...

半小时 半个小时 半钟头 持续半个小时 短语 half of an hour 半小时 Half and an hour 半小时 half an hour 半小时

1.改为:two and a half hours(即2) 3.改为:an hour and a half

four and a half hour 四个半小时 As well as the wealth of local species surrounding the Quinta, there are four areas within an hour and a half's car journey which are ideal for Birdwatching. 以及围绕金塔当地物种丰富,有四个领域...

正确的这样说 two and a half hours

前者是错的。 英语里,不到一个小时(含以下)视为单数,一个小时以上才视为复数,哪怕是一个半小时(one and a half hours)。

thirty minutes, one hour and a half,

A中的a 应为an, BC中也是这种情况,所以选D 补充:要表示顺序时,如果序数词在主体词的前面则用序号,后面就用数词,所以分别选:C/C

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