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An hour AnD hAlF

它们的意思是一样的,美式英语里面多用half an hour,英式英语里面多用a half hour\x0d半个小时的说法有:half an hour,a half hour,half of an hour(前两种用得多些) 一个半小时的表达应该是:one hour and a half. 例:半小时:half an hour/a...

错误:one and half an hour 正确:one and a half hours/ one hour and a half/ an hour and a half

一个半小时有两种说法:一个是one hour and a half, (注意)这种情况hour是不用s的。另一个就是one and a half hours. 英语中大于一的情况下就要加s, 即使是1.01这样的数字也应该加上复数形式。

9. The driver___ the traffic light, and as a result, he ran into another car.10. After an hour’s train ride and half an hour’s walk,we eve...

one and a half hours 和one hour and a half没有区别,都是一个半月的意思。 例句: I spent only one and a half hours. 我这么做只花了一个半小时。 One and a half hours is enough for me. 对我来说一个半小时足够了。 After about one and...

正确的这样说 two and a half hours much time did you finish your homework? (it‘s about) half an hour 2. how long have you been here waitting for me? half an hour


一个半小时(即90分钟),有多种表达方式:one and a half hours,one hour and a half或者an hour and a half都可以。口语中通常使用an hour and a half。这一部分要记得区别one and a half后面是复数hours,而one后面是hour,单数,加上 and a h...

半小时 半个小时 半钟头 持续半个小时 短语 half of an hour 半小时 Half and an hour 半小时 half an hour 半小时

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