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How mAny pEoplE CAn you sEE in thE piCturE ?who...

Who knows how many people we can see in the picture.

不是。of 表示范围。 在最高级当中of的这种用法也常见。 He is the tallesr of the three.


who must you see 你非要见谁? 你看下,明白没?没得话,我再解释! 这里说实在的最主要的还是方法,方法掌握了,类似的问题都能解决了! 希望我的回答对你有帮助,祝你好运!像这样的问题自己多尝试下,下次才会的! 祝你学业进步!

1.never give up on something that can make you smile and forget all your troubles. 我从不放弃能让你微笑并忘却所有烦恼的事。 2.friend is ...

Be who you want to be ,not what other people want to see. 做你想要的自己,而不是他人希望看到的你。

The person who always smiles at you, when she sees you immediately, is an idiot or the one who loves you deeply. 翻译成中文是:那个总是对你微笑的人,当她一看到你的时候,就变成了一个白痴,或者是一个深爱你的人。 相关单词学习: im...

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