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求一首英文歌 女声 里面一句歌词好像有 Don't you ...

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Don't let me down-----The Chainsomkers ft. Daya


Brave jennifer lopez It's a new day New day And it's evident You must've been heaven sent Something we should be hesitant But I'm not at all Just feeling more confident Just using my common sense Just trusting that I'm loving i...

世界杯的歌我倒是全有 , 你肯定是英文, 这句话么,?

uptown funk

是rosie thomas的《say hello》 If I find him ...if i just to follow Would he hold me and never let me go Would he let me borrow his wool winter coat I don't know I don't know If I see her standing there alone At the train statio...

有枪声的歌曲我就记得 Paper Planes M.I.A. 一共打了48枪

歌曲: Baby 歌手: Warpaint 专辑: 《The Fool》 Baby--Warpaint Don't you call anybody else baby, 'Cause I'm your baby still You took a long time to make it But I've never changed my mind I've never tried to fake it Never drew the ...

王若琳的you and me!应该是这个!这首歌我找了3年才找到!

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