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Welcome to my town

I'm Wang Tao, from a small town. 我是王涛,来自一个小镇

我住在一个叫harywell的小镇。 I live in a small town called harywell.

i like living in a quiet town

I have a map of our small town.

I was born in the small town located near Yangzi River. 我出生于坐落在长江边上的一个小镇

My town is famous for its pottery and porcelain. Pottery and porcelain is popular here. It is made of clay and used to contain things. My father made it. It is made in Jingdezhen and known for its beauty. It's very special beca...

My hometown is in a small town of Pingchang county, Bazhong, Sichuang Province.

I didn't realize until last week that this small town was famous not only for its beautiful scenery .

I am living in a small village. I hope to go to big city one day 这里住在表示现在的状态,所以用be +ing形式 请参看

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