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不好意思 我发不上来 主要是字符太多 系统不允许这样你直接去看嘛还有更多的资料 帮助你愉快的学习 我也经常在那上面用资料`

完形填空 专题 A I have a good friend. 1 Chinese name is Da Shan and his 2 name is Mark Rowswell. He 3 from Canada. He can 4 English and French (法语). And he speaks Chinese very 5 . He likes China very much. Now he teaches Engl...

food, all/different, noodles,, rice, spicy, seafoods, Beijing Duck, foods, youth

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wagon always rolled out and onward

1. A 根据句意在世界不同地区的人们吃不同的东西 2. B 后面名词是复数countries,且惧意是一些国家,故选someC 3. C 根据句意三次或两次,故选or, 4. D 三餐之前用for 5. C 和菜一起吃,故选with 6. C 句意为不吃所有种类的肉,故选all 7. B 日本...

买一本新的不就好了。 因为是夏天,所以用hot 2.trees 很热说明两旁没有树 3.later 过了。。。之后用later 4.another 从另一家店出来 5.kept keep close to越来越近 鞋子 7.fourth或fifth 第四或第五次 8.suddenly 突然回头 9.sorry 对不起 10.sun 在太...

初一完形练不到什么,都很简单,建议多练习听力。初二练完形还好。(个人认为、) 一、A Diary Great weather! It was _1__ and hot all day. We __2__ to a beautiful beach. We had great fun __3__ in the water. In the afternoon, we went ...

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