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你好,很高兴为你解答。 请采纳

不好意思 我发不上来 主要是字符太多 系统不允许这样你直接去看嘛还有更多的资料 帮助你愉快的学习 我也经常在那上面用资料`


Do you want to know my family? Let (1) tell you. There are (2) people in my family. My father is a driver. My mother is a (3). She works in a machine factory. I have a sister. She is only eight years (4). We (5) in the same sch...



1.A 2.B 3. C 4.A 和 B是同样的单词。 5.B 6.B 7. C 8. C 9 A 10B

1, connect 2,ago 3,interesting 4,worldwide 5, farmer 6, perpared 7, bring 8, with 9, sit 10, have

You'll see a new _1_at a hospitai near London if you go there.He is very clever,_2_he never speaks.He can work 24 hours a day and never gets _3_.He is one metre tall and has a face_4_a TV screen.He is Dr.Robot. Doctors often ne...

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