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要15道题这么多。。 (1)John is a famous writer now. But he said he was not a (1)______ student when he was young....

一、ABC Radio Jim Green is an announcer(播音员)for the program.Most of the girls___1____ boys like the program. They ___2___like Jim Green. Some of them often make phone calls to him and thank him ___3___ his work. There are l...



26C. by 27A. First 28B. visit 29B. city 30D. has 31A. tell 32C. But 33D. clock 34B. me 35D. to

Lin Tao ⑴____on duty last Monday.It was ⑵____.Everyone ⑶____here,but Jim was ⑷____.He was ⑸____bed.On Tuesday,he was ⑥___.Mr Hu was sorry ⑺____that Jim didn't bring his homework.Mr Hu said,“You ⑻____finish it today,and ⑼___forg...

一.按要求改写句子 1. The boy is playing basketball. 否定句: 般疑问句: 肯定回答: 否定回答: 对is playing basketball提问: 对The boy提问: 2. They are singing in the classroom. 否定句: 一般疑问句: 肯定回答: 否定回答:___...


46.B----is 47.C----eats 48.C----food 49.C----at 50.D----o'clock 51.A----them 52.B----bad

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